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Teaching Low Level Readers

This links you to web sites and articles which will help you to teach low level readers.

Understanding What Reading Is All About: Teaching Materials and Lessons for Adult Basic Education Students: 13 lesson plans for low-level readers including goal-setting guides. You can integrate these lessons into your existing curriculum or use them as a mini-course for students.

Focus on Basics - First Level Learners: Innovative ideas for teaching reading to low level learners, including a lesson plan incorporating the 5 basic components of reading.

The ABE Reading Classroom: Tons of resources for teaching reading including: on-line lessons, tutorials, worksheets, online reading books and assessment tools. The web links are excellent - be sure to click on Literacy Cyberspace Reading Lessons and Phonics Sound Essentials.

Reading - Just the Basics: This web-based mini-course is for your own learning.  Throughout the course there are learning activities for you and your students, web links, teaching techniques and other resources for teaching reading. Use the arrows in the upper right corner to move through the pages.

Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles: The site provides a mini-course on assessment and instruction of reading components, as well as tests and word lists that practitioners can download and links to research. Instructors can match their own learners' reading profiles with learner profiles developed using Adult Reading Component Study (ARCS) data and make instructional choices based on the information.